Jill Krueger, J.D. serves as the director of the Network’s Northern Region Office. Her current work involves climate adaptation and mitigation, the Farm Bill and agricultural policy, rural health, oral health, literacy, and mental health promotion in school and community settings. Before joining the Network in 2010, Jill was a senior staff attorney at Farmers’ Legal Action Group, where she analyzed the role of the Farm Bill in the production and distribution of healthy foods; advocated for the integrity of the National Organic Program, and provided education and advocacy to improve federal disaster assistance to farmers. She also served as an assistant attorney general in the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. She graduated with high distinction and Order of the Coif from the University of Iowa College of Law and from Earlham College. Jill serves on the board of the Seward Community Co-op in Minneapolis, whose mission includes sustaining a healthy community.

Articles & Resources

Integrating Trauma-Informed Practices Across State Government: The Wisconsin Way

Law & Policy InsightsMental Health and Well-Being

January 31, 2018
by Jill Krueger

A growing body of research establishes that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) may negatively affect health and well-being throughout a person’s life span. The impact of ACEs, however, can be ameliorated by trauma-informed practices, such as through early childhood interventions that mitigate social and environmental risks for families and promote resilience. Wisconsin has been a leader in integrating trauma-informed policy across its state government.

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Climate Change: Recommended Reading for the Public Health Sector

Law & Policy InsightsEnvironment, Climate and HealthClimate and Health

September 26, 2017
by Jill Krueger

Numerous public health practitioners and researchers have been assessing and monitoring the health effects of the changing climate. Two recently published books have the potential to help the public health sector continue to move from assessing climate interventions to implementing them as effective policy. Both books come at a critical time in the evolution of the public health response to climate change.

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Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being through Public Health Law

Law & Policy InsightsMental Health and Well-BeingMaternal and Child Health

February 1, 2017
by Jill Krueger

Across the United States, people are identifying mental health as an unmet need in their communities, and are beginning to devise strategies to promote mental health and well-being. Just as we have come to understand the role of the social determinants of health with respect to physical health, we have a growing awareness of the influence of the social determinants of mental health.

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