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Network Now Accepting Applications for MLP Safe & Healthy Housing Cohort

Network NewsMedical-Legal PartnershipsHealthy and Affordable Housing

January 29, 2020
by Colleen Healy Boufides

Apply to join a 6-month cohort of MLPs seeking to improve the safety and quality of housing in their communities through upstream efforts, ranging from informing implementation and enforcement strategies, to spearheading impact litigation, to contributing in large and small ways to legal changes.

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The Network for Public Health Law Launches Harm Reduction Legal Project with Funding Support from Arnold Ventures

Network NewsHarm Reduction Legal ProjectHarm Reduction Legal Project ResourcesSubstance Use Prevention and Harm ReductionOpioid Misuse and Overdose Prevention

September 13, 2019
by Amy Lieberman and Corey Davis

To address the legal and policy barriers that hamper the establishment and expansion of evidence-based harm reduction measures, the Network for Public Health Law has launched the Harm Reduction Legal Project with support from Arnold Ventures.

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