ACA Under Threat: The Potential Impacts of Repealing the Affordable Care Act

June 26, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. EST


40 Under 40 in Public Health

We are proud to announce that Colleen Healy Boufides and Corey Davis have been named on this year's 40 Under 40 list!

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2019 Public Health Law Summit

Data Sharing to Improve Community Health

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With Natural Disasters on the Rise, Solar Batteries Could Become Essential to Public Health and Safety

When natural disasters occur, entire electrical grid systems (including those powered by solar energy) can shut down. Solar energy stored in batteries, which operate independent of the grid, have become an increasingly important, reliable back-up system for maintaining the health and safety of communities in emergencies. Solar batteries also help reduce public health harms caused by climate change and the use of fossil fuels. 

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Data Privacy in School Nursing: Navigating the Complex Landscape of Data Privacy Laws (Part I)

School nurses can play a critical role in advancing child and adolescent health — including expanding access to care for many children. In providing care, school nurses collect and are responsible for a vast amount of personal information related to students and their health. This document is designed to help school nurses understand what information they can share, when, and with whom in accordance with federal privacy laws.

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2019 Public Health Law Summit

Data Sharing to Improve Community Health

Join the Network in Plymouth, Michigan for a Summit focused on strategies to collect, use, share and protect multi-sector data to improve the health of communities. The Summit will examine current data sharing initiatives and provide practical, in-depth information and tools to navigate a complex legal landscape. 

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