The Opioid Epidemic

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Emergency Declarations to Address the Opioid Crisis – Assessing Impact and Identifying Gaps

September 19 at 1:00 p.m. ET.


Strategies for Achieving Health Equity

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Improving Health Care Access in Rural Communities through Community Paramedicine

Community paramedicine is an emerging and rapidly evolving field that can help improve health care access in rural communities. Community paramedicine involves Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers operating in expanded roles in an effort to reach underserved populations, and can be particularly impactful in rural communities as a way to reach geographically-isolated areas.

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Fact Sheet: Declared States of Emergency - Opioid Crisis

High rates of morbidity and mortality among Americans related to opioid use have lead multiple jurisdictions to declare a formal state of emergency and public health emergency. Declaring a state of emergency grants states and localities additional resources to address the epidemic immediately. This Fact Sheet provides a brief summary of the emergency declarations in six states, and the Primer provides a visual snapshot and synopses of state-and tribal-based emergency declarations across the U.S. based on currently-available information.

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