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2020 Public Health Law Conference

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Harm Reduction Legal Project

To address the legal and policy barriers
that hamper harm reduction measures,
the Network has launched the Harm Reduction Legal Project

What's New

Protecting Women’s Reproductive Rights—An Examination of Preclearance Provisions Under the Reproductive Rights Act

In 2019, several states passed strict laws limiting access to abortion. Some state laws specifically aim to overturn the seminal case, Roe v. Wade. Proposed legislation modeled after the Voting Rights Act seeks to require states with a history of restricting access to abortion to preclear any new abortion law with the Department of Justice before such law or practice can take effect. 

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Latest Resource

Summary of State Laws that Facilitate Data Sharing Among State Agencies

Data are essential for public health surveillance, epidemiological investigation, research, program development, implementation and evaluation. Sharing data across government agencies assists in addressing social determinants of health and can help better align individuals with services that support their health and wellbeing. This summary provides several examples of state laws that facilitate data sharing among state agencies.

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Journal of Law Medicine and Ethics Public Health Law Conference Supplement

Health Justice - Empowering Public Health and Advancing Health Equity
In October 2018, hundreds of officials, policymakers, lawyers, practitioners and advocates in public health and other sectors from across the country convened in Phoenix, Arizona for the National Public Health Law Conference. The recently published symposium edition of JLME is dedicated to examining some of the critical topics discussed at the conference.

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