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How does the Affordable Care Act impact how state and local public health authorities protect vulnerable populations? Get answers to questions about the ACA and its provisions.

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2014 Public Health Law Conference

Intersection of Law, Policy and Prevention

October 16 & 17  |  Atlanta, GA

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Spotlight on Heroin Epidemic Leaves Many Victims in the Dark

Drug addiction and related deaths are needless and heartbreaking in any community, yet these issues have faced communities of color for decades. The current spotlight on heroin overdose illustrates the ongoing need to address health disparities.

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Latest Resource

Resource: Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreements Map

To reduce costs and meet increased demand for services, many local health departments (LHDs) are exploring innovative ways to improve efficiency by partnering with other LHDs, agencies and entities. This 50-state resource examines the interlocal agreements that permit LHDs to collaborate with other entities to provide health and other services.

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