Jill Krueger, J.D., serves as Director, Climate and Health. Her current work involves climate adaptation and mitigation, the Farm Bill and agricultural policy, rural health, oral health, literacy, and mental health promotion in school and community settings. Before joining the Network in 2010, Jill was a senior staff attorney at Farmers’ Legal Action Group, where she analyzed the role of the Farm Bill in the production and distribution of healthy foods; advocated for the integrity of the National Organic Program, and provided education and advocacy to improve federal disaster assistance to farmers. She also served as an assistant attorney general in the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. She graduated with high distinction and Order of the Coif from the University of Iowa College of Law and from Earlham College. Jill serves on the board of the Seward Community Co-op in Minneapolis, whose mission includes sustaining a healthy community.

Articles & Resources

Federal Action Needed to Protect Workers from Extreme Heat

Law & Policy InsightsEnvironment, Climate and HealthMechanisms for Advancing Health EquityInjury Prevention and Safety

November 16, 2023
by Jill Krueger

Occupational health is one important pathway for public health practitioners and cross-sector partners to address the adverse and inequitable human health impacts of extreme heat and climate change. Opportunities in the law and policy arena exist for those seeking to take action to protect workers from extreme heat.

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Innovative Laws and Policies for Public Health: How Insights from Public Health Departments Shaped an Analysis of Forward-Looking Policies

Law & Policy InsightsCOVID-19Mechanisms for Advancing Public HealthLegislation and Legal ChallengesPublic Health Funding and Infrastructure

July 25, 2023
by Jill Krueger

The Network for Public Health Law’s report, Innovative Law and Policy Strategies for a Post-Pandemic Public Health System, which highlights examples of laws and legal levers implemented across the country that strengthen public health, was inspired and shaped in large part by three questions raised by public health practitioners in the field in three different states.

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Innovative Laws and Policies for a Post-Pandemic Public Health System

ReportPublic Health AuthorityCOVID-19Mechanisms for Advancing Public Health

June 20, 2023
by Darlene Briggs, Donna Levin and Jill Krueger

The backlash in response to public health measures taken during the pandemic has resulted in many states passing laws restricting the ability of public health to take action to protect the health of their communities. However, there are many states that have taken innovative actions that strengthen public health authority and provide mechanisms that support a strong public health infrastructure.

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Equitable Community Engagement and Climate Change: Two Toolkits

Resource CollectionEnvironment, Climate and Health

March 22, 2023
by April Shaw, Jill Krueger and Mosalewa Ani

As the climate crisis continues to accelerate, public health departments must work with communities to create mitigation and prevention measures to protect health. Government entities often seek guidance on how to meaningfully engage communities and on what solutions will best support underserved communities. Community members need accessible open processes and solutions that will help communities at the frontline of climate change. To support this work, we have created a toolkit on community-centered emergency response and preparedness and a toolkit on community-centered solutions to extreme heat.

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Taking Action to Address the Human Health Impacts of Climate Change

Law & Policy InsightsEnvironment, Climate and HealthMechanisms for Advancing Health EquityMechanisms for Advancing Public Health

November 30, 2022
by Betsy Lawton and Jill Krueger

The Lancet Countdown’s annual report, “Tracking Progress On Health and Climate Change,” highlights the immediate need for a health-centered response to climate change. Recognizing the need to build a shared understanding of how public health law can and should help mitigate climate change, presenters and attendees at the Network’s first-ever Climate and Health Equity Summit, held in Minneapolis in October, highlighted numerous legal and policy strategies to mitigate climate change and lessen its impacts on human health.

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State Laws Limiting Public Health Protections: Hazardous for Our Health

ReportAct for Public HealthPublic Health AuthorityMechanisms for Advancing Public Health

November 2, 2022
by Donna Levin and Jill Krueger

This report, produced by the Network as part of the Act for Public Health initiative, examines laws impacting public health authority that have been passed as of May 20, 2022 and provides analysis of how they significantly weaken the collective ability of public health to respond effectively in future pandemics and other emergencies, and to carry out day-to-day public health activities.

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A Growing Body of Evidence can Help Make the Case for Public Health Laws to Mitigate the Impacts of COVID-19

Law & Policy InsightsCOVID-19Mechanisms for Advancing Public Health

January 27, 2022
by Jill Krueger

It’s a cornerstone of public health law that public health laws should be grounded in evidence and expertise. That principle has not always been honored during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though additional research is needed, there is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates that public health interventions backed by law are associated with improved health outcomes.

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Climate Change, Health Equity, and Public Health Law Learning and Practice Collaborative Informational Webinar

WebinarsEnvironment, Climate and HealthMechanisms for Advancing Health EquityClimate Change, Health Equity, and Public Health Law Learning and Practice Collaborative

November 16, 2021
by April Shaw, Betsy Lawton, Jill Krueger and Madeline Kim

by Overview 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EST | November 16, 2021The Network will be launching applications for our Climate Change, Health Equity, and…

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