About the Network

The Network for Public Health Law provides insightful legal assistance, helpful resources and opportunities to build connections for local, tribal, state and federal officials; public health practitioners; attorneys; policymakers; and advocates. Organizations and individuals committed to improving public health can join the Network.

2015 Year in Review

In 2015, the Network made great strides in providing knowledge, tools and resources to help in the development, evaluation and enforcement of law and policy to improve health outcomes. The Network grew to over 5,500 Joiners and reached more individuals from local and county health agencies than ever before. Read the 2015 Year in Review to learn how the Network provides leadership in promoting legal interventions and solutions that protect and improve the health of communities across the U.S. and strengthens the work of those in public health.


The Network is comprised of public health attorneys and practitioners located at a National Coordinating Center and five Regional Centers — Northern, Eastern, Mid-States, Southeastern and Western —  in order to provide both local and national support. Learn more about each Regional Center by clicking on the map.

US Map Western Region Southeastern Region Northern Region Mid-States Region Eastern Region