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Table: Infant Safe Sleep Laws

posted on Wed, Mar 14 2018 2:28 pm by The Network for Public Health Law

This table provides a brief overview of statutory and regulatory provisions related to SUID prevention in 5 states. The jurisdictions were selected based on initial research on the comprehensiveness of state legal approaches to SUID prevention. Information for each state is provided in the following categories as noted in the columns of the table:

  1. Parent Education - lists legal provisions requiring that health care institutions provide information on safe sleep practices to maternity patients or the parents or legal guardians of infants.
  2. Child Care Training - lists legal provisions requiring that employees or volunteers of licensed child care facilities receive training or education on safe sleep practices, SUID prevention, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) prevention.
  3. Child Care Procedures - lists legal provisions requiring that licensed child care facilities follow safe sleep practices.
  4. Adoptive or Foster Parent Training - lists legal provisions establishing safe sleep training requirements for prospective adopters or foster parents.
  5. Foster Care Procedures - lists legal provisions mandating that foster parents follow safe sleep practices.
  6. Other - lists additional legal provisions related to SUID prevention.


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