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Law and policy impact public health in myriad ways, and are essential tools for protecting and promoting the health of communities. Attend this webinar to get an overview of easy-to-use online trainings offered by the Public Health Law Academy along with an introduction to the policy surveillance process and how it can be used to improve health outcomes. 


Law and Policy Perspectives:
Measles Cases in Europe Highlight the Need for Vaccination

With 21,315 reported cases and 35 deaths from measles in 2017, Europe is experiencing a surge in this highly contagious, but preventable disease. The World Health Organization points to low immunization coverage as a major factor for the outbreak, with over 800 additional cases reported so far in 2018. Given that most of the measles cases in the U.S. result from unvaccinated individuals who contract the disease in other countries, this outbreak is concerning in light of declining U.S. vaccination rates.


Fact Sheet: Naloxone Access and Overdose Good Samaritan Law in Ohio

The opioid overdose epidemic has been more pronounced in Ohio than in many other states. Like most states, Ohio has passed legislation to increase access to the overdose reversal drug naloxone, and addressed laws that discouraged bystanders from calling for emergency help. However, the specifics of these laws in Ohio differ from those in most other states. This fact sheet details how those differences may make Ohio’s laws less easy to communicate and possibly less effective. 


Legal Technical Assistance Highlight:
Liability of Health Educators Who Train Community Members on the Use of Naloxone in Michigan

Access to the overdose reversal drug naloxone has proven to be one of the most effective tools in the effort to address the ongoing opioid overdose epidemic. In addition to passing legislation expanding who can obtain and administer naloxone, states and municipalities are looking at additional ways in which they can increase the distribution of naloxone among community members and family members of those at risk. A public health professional from a health department in Michigan recently contacted the Network to inquire about potential liability issues related to certifying health educators to train community members on the use of naloxone.


2018 Public Health Law Conference:
Help Advance Health Equity: Join us for the 2018 Public Health Law Conference

Join us in Phoenix, Arizona, October 4-6 to develop and share strategies to protect the health of our communities and most vulnerable populations. Now more than ever, the combined efforts of practitioners, policymakers, lawyers, advocates and researchers are needed to advance critical public health protections and address growing health inequities. Connect with others, like you, who are working to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live in good health.


Empower Public Health: Contribute to the Conference Scholarship Fund

You can help bring resource-strapped public health practitioners, lawyers, advocates and students to the 2018 Public Health Law Conference. Your tax-deductible contribution will be pooled with others to help pay for travel and housing costs, registration and other expenses. Individual and organizational donors have made it possible for us to grant seven partial scholarships to date, but we would like to do more. Help empower public health. Contribute to the scholarship fund.

Worth Sharing:
Job Opportunity: Chief of the Office of Legal and Regulatory Affairs

This position will provide leadership to North Carolina state and local public health systems in public health policy development, regulatory affairs, and public health law application and enforcement. The position reports directly to the Director of the North Carolina Division of Public Health. View the full job description.

Job Opportunity: Public Health Law Watch Legal Fellow

Northeastern University is seeking a legal fellow to oversee its collaborative initiative, Public Health Law Watch. The one-year fellowship will support efforts to help monitor, evaluate, and formulate proposed federal changes to laws now in place, as well as state and local responses to a potential ACA repeal and other regulatory changes, particularly in areas relating to the ACA’s public health provisions. Applicants must have a J.D., with a focus or concentration in health law preferred. View the full job description.

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