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Missouri Public Health Authority Project

Resource CollectionPublic Health AuthorityMissouri

May 7, 2024
by Susan Fleurant

Missouri’s 115 local public health agencies (LPHAs) provide key public health functions to Missouri residents, including assessing local health needs and risks; developing policies and planning programs to improve health; and enforcing public health laws and promoting equitable access to basic health care. Like all local health departments across the country, Missouri’s LPHAs rely on state-specific legal authority granted via the state constitution, statutes, and regulations to perform these functions. Access to state-specific legal information is essential for LPHAs to fulfill their responsibilities efficiently and effectively. The Network for Public Health Law partnered with the Missouri Center for Public Health Excellence to provide the training, legal technical assistance, and resources listed here to support Missouri’s local public health agencies.

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Equitable Community Engagement and Climate Change: Two Toolkits

Resource CollectionEnvironment, Climate and Health

March 22, 2023
by April Shaw, Jill Krueger and Mosalewa Ani

As the climate crisis continues to accelerate, public health departments must work with communities to create mitigation and prevention measures to protect health. Government entities often seek guidance on how to meaningfully engage communities and on what solutions will best support underserved communities. Community members need accessible open processes and solutions that will help communities at the frontline of climate change. To support this work, we have created a toolkit on community-centered emergency response and preparedness and a toolkit on community-centered solutions to extreme heat.

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Legal Protections for Public Health Officials During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Resource CollectionLegal Protections for Public Health OfficialsPublic Health Authority

January 25, 2021
by Brooke Torton

Nationwide, state and local public health officials working to protect the public from COVID-19 are on the receiving end of threatening and harassing conduct for simply fulfilling their duty to protect the public health. In response, the Network conducted research to examine whether the states and Washington, D.C., have criminal statutes punishing individuals who impede public health officials’ duties with such behavior.

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Effects of Denial of SNAP Benefits on Persons with Felony Drug Convictions

Resource CollectionFood Safety and SecurityFood Security

April 25, 2020

Federal law bans convicted drug felons from receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. This brief discusses the public health consequences of rescinding nutritional assistance from people with drug convictions. The 50-State Survey examines how states have reacted to the ban, by either leaving it in place, removing it, or modifying it.

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