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Disclosure of COVID-19 Information by Domestic Violence Agencies or Shelters

Legal Technical Assistance HighlightsCOVID-19Health Data Sharing and PrivacyDomestic ViolenceSocial and Community Context

April 8, 2020
by Colleen Healy Boufides

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised numerous questions with regard to public health reporting requirements. This guidance addresses whether domestic violence agencies or shelters have an obligation to report cases of COVID-19 to a state or local public health department.

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Select Jurisdictional Examples of Expanded Naloxone Access

Legal Technical Assistance HighlightsSubstance Use Prevention and Harm ReductionOpioid Misuse and Overdose PreventionHarm Reduction Legal ProjectHarm Reduction Legal Project Resources

October 22, 2019

Naloxone is a prescription drug that reverses respiratory depression and other effects caused by opioids. In an effort to reduce opioid-related morbid and mortality, states have attempted to make naloxone more available. A public health professional from Arizona contacted the Network to ask for examples of what other jurisdictions have done to expand access to naloxone.

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Mandatory Reporting of Attempted Suicides

Legal Technical Assistance HighlightsMental Health and Well-Being

December 6, 2018

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. In 2016 alone there were close to 45,000 deaths from suicide, roughly one death every 12 minutes. In an effort to better measure the full impact of this significant public health issue, many jurisdictions require mandatory reporting of both suicides and attempted suicides. A health officer whose state was considering mandatory reporting of attempted suicides recently contacted the Network for assistance in finding examples of other states or jurisdictions where such mandatory reporting is required.

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Drug Paraphernalia Laws and Alternatives to Syringe Exchange

Legal Technical Assistance HighlightsSubstance Use Prevention and Harm ReductionOpioid Misuse and Overdose Prevention

February 13, 2018

A requester contacted the Network noting that it is a misdemeanor for pharmacists to sell drug paraphernalia in his state and that there were also no needle exchange sites in the state. Limited access to drug paraphernalia may increase the likelihood that intravenous drug users will share needles, increasing the spread of diseases like HIV and hepatitis C. The requester wanted to know if other states have similar laws and what strategies for harm reduction have been used in those states.

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