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Guidance for Framing COVID-19 Messaging Using the Moral Foundations Theory Framework

April 24, 2020


Can you take an example like Coronavirus prevention and apply it to all six intuitive moral values in the Moral Foundations Theory (MFT) advocacy framework?

We have been asked in several recent leadership presentation discussions to take the topic of Coronavirus (COVID19) prevention and apply it to community outreach and advocacy using all six Moral Foundation Theory (MFT) values. Here is a quick example drawn from our workshops that can be used both for frontline public health workers engaging members in any local community and also can be used by spokespersons advocating for Coronavirus prevention in various conversations with decision-makers.

Using the framing concepts and the 6 MFT Values Worksheet described earlier in this Series, this guidance document contains a concise way that Coronavirus prevention can begin to be framed using all 6 different values and then adapted depending upon the audience.