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Policy Surveillance: Preschool Social and Emotional Learning

Quick ReferenceHealth in SchoolMaternal and Child HealthMental Health and Well-BeingMechanisms for Advancing Public Health

October 21, 2019
by Betsy Lawton and Jill Krueger

Social and emotional learning (SEL) has a strong association with outcomes important to public health, from increased high school graduation rates to reduced drug use. This Quick Reference outlines the Network’s project to review policies and laws related to SEL.

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Identifying Legal and Policy Strategies to Promote Mental Health and Well-Being

Quick ReferenceMental Health and Well-Being

March 1, 2018
by Jill Krueger

Mental health is deeply interconnected with physical health. The law provides tools to improve health by addressing physical, social and economic factors that influence health outcomes at the population level. This overview outlines current needs and trends in mental health promotion, including innovative legal strategies, as well as gaps where additional research and advocacy is needed.

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