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Constitutional Rights and the Public’s Health

Tulsa Women’s Reproductive Clinic v. Hunter et al.


Tulsa Women’s Reproductive Clinic v. Hunter et al. (Oklahoma County District Court, Oct. 29, 2019): The District Court for the County of Oklahoma temporarily blocked an Oklahoma state law requiring physicians to tell patients that medication abortions may be reversible and to refer patients to an abortion reversal hotline and website. Tulsa Women’s Reproductive Clinic filed a petition alleging, in part, that under Oklahoma’s Constitution, the law violates physicians’ rights to free speech. It alleged the law compelled physicians to deliver a content-based message about an experimental practice (medication abortion reversal) that is unsupported by reliable, scientific evidence and has not been deemed safe or effective by the Food and Drug Administration. The court granted plaintiff’s request to temporarily block the law. Read the decision here.

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