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Toolkit Mechanisms for Advancing Health EquityMechanisms for Advancing Public Health

­MICRO-TOOLKIT: Equity Assessment Framework for Public Health Laws and Policies

July 28, 2023


This Micro-Toolkit is a simple, accessible framework that will guide you through six steps to assess potential equity implications for a new or existing policy and help you identify opportunities for improvement and for continued assessment.

What is a Micro-Toolkit?

A Micro-Toolkit provides a simple framework to guide an equity analysis without the need for in-depth training or additional resources. This can also be used following training to streamline the analysis process

Who should use this Micro-Toolkit?

This toolkit is intended for policymakers and partners who lead, shape, or influence policy decisions and who are seeking easy and accessible equity tools that can be practically applied.

Why should I use this Micro-Toolkit?

This Micro-Toolkit provides a way to assess the equity implications of existing or proposed policies. It is meant to guide a discussion around how equity is considered in both process and outcomes and can help identify opportunities for improvement.