Disaggregation of Public Health Data by Race & Ethnicity: A Legal Handbook

HandbookHealth Information and Data SharingHealth Data Sharing and PrivacyPublic Health Information Management, Privacy and Security

December 14, 2022
by Carrie Waggoner and Stephen Murphy

Detailed race and ethnicity data in public health is needed to adequately identify, assess, and address health inequities and structural racism, yet this type of data is often not utilized because of misunderstandings around the legality of collecting and sharing it. To assist public health practitioners and attorneys across state, Tribal, and local governments in the use of data to advance health equity, the Network has produced a legal handbook that addresses the role of law in collecting and disseminating public health data disaggregated by race and ethnicity.    

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Legal Handbook for Establishing A Public Health Registry

HandbookEmergency Legal Preparedness and ResponseEnvironment, Climate and HealthFlint Water Crisis ProjectPublic Health Authority

June 24, 2022
by Colleen Healy Boufides, Denise Chrysler and Peter D. Jacobson

This handbook explores the Flint Registry team’s specific experiences and challenges navigating federal and Michigan data laws. Nevertheless, many aspects of the Flint Registry experience can be generalized to guide other entities seeking to establish public health registries.

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