In his role as senior digital marketing coordinator at the National Office, Charles Truong leads the Network’s creative content design, oversees web maintenance, and supports the Network’s marketing strategies. He also hosts monthly webinars and manages the Network’s email system. Charles has served on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Association for Environmental Education and has spearheaded global outreach initiatives for several non-profit organizations, producing his first television-broadcasted documentary in 2017. Charles received his B.A. in English and Cinema from the University of Iowa and has received numerous awards for his leadership in advancing diversity and inclusion in Central Iowa and surrounding communities.

Articles & Resources

Racial Residential Segregation and Health Justice: Public Health Impacts of Housing Policies in the United States

VideoHealthy and Affordable HousingNeighborhood and Built Environment

June 4, 2020
by Charles Truong

Public health, legal and housing experts -- including Dr. Sandro Galea, professor and dean at the Boston University School of Public Health – share their insights on housing inequities and the racist laws and policies that enabled segregation and steered resources away from poor neighborhoods – and how these factors contribute today to poor health outcomes for people of color. To effectively tackle health justice issues, it’s necessary to trace disparities back to their root causes, where racism serves as the epicenter.

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