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Addressing Chronic Conditions

O’Hanlon et al. v. Uber Technologies Inc. et al.


O’Hanlon et al. v. Uber Technologies Inc. et al. (U.S. Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit, March 17, 2021): The 3rd Circuit found that Uber could not compel arbitration of an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) claim brought against the company for failing to provide wheelchair access vehicles. Motorized-wheelchair users and a nonprofit entity focused on increasing transportation accessibility alleged that Uber discriminated against individuals with mobility disabilities contrary to the ADA. Uber asserted that the controversy had to be addressed through arbitration, even though the plaintiffs had never signed the company’s arbitration agreement. The court held that an arbitration agreement could only be enforced against non-signatories when they knowingly exploit the agreement for their own benefit. Since plaintiffs never availed themselves of the agreement and received no benefit from it, plaintiffs could not be compelled to arbitrate the discrimination claim. The case proceeds now to trial. Read the decision here

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