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Links to Additional Public Health Authority Resources

In 2020 and 2021, dissatisfaction and anger at perceived overreaches by governors, mayors, and public health officials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic led to an onslaught of legislative proposals to eliminate, limit, or re-assign the emergency powers and public health authority used by these officials to protect the public from serious illness, injury, and death. While precise counts depend upon the criteria for inclusion, Kaiser Health News and AP reported that by fall of 2021, virtually every state had considered at least one bill to limit public health authority, and about half of states had enacted one or more of these bills. Public health officials are also being harassed and threatened personally. Kaiser Health News and AP reported that by September, 2021, over 300 public health officials had resigned, retired, or been fired during the pandemic.  This resource list gathers factual and legal analysis to assist public health officials, advocates, and policymakers in responding to the complex issues involved. It is not a comprehensive list, and we invite you to contact the Network to share additional helpful resources.


Legal Analyses of Threats to Public Health Authority

State-Specific Resources

Protections for Public Health Officials

Public Health Infrastructure