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Monitoring Property and the Built Environment

LA Alliance for Human Rights v. City of Los Angeles


LA Alliance for Human Rights v. City of Los Angeles (U.S. District Court, C.D. California, April 20, 2021): In response to L.A.’s homelessness crisis and the City and County’s lack of satisfactory action, a federal court, on its own motion, issued an order mandating certain actions. The court was particularly concerned with the history of systemic discrimination underpinning homelessness and its impacts on public health, especially in the context of COVID-19. Portions of the court’s order are intended to support accountability and action via application of specific reporting requirements. Certain provisions included reporting on (1) “all land potentially available within each district for housing and sheltering the homeless” and (2) specific actions intended to address “the possibility of rezoning” to provide additional multi-family zoning areas. Additional provisions apply specifically to L.A.’s Skid Row. Read the decision here.

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