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Mitigating the Incidence and Severity of Injuries and Other Harms

In re: National Prescription Opiate Litigation


In re: National Prescription Opiate Litigation (U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio Eastern Division, Mar. 7, 2022): Pharmacy retailers CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart failed to convince a federal judge to override a jury verdict that found them liable for public nuisance for fueling the opioid crisis in two Ohio counties. The retailers claimed the evidence presented at trial was insufficient because the counties did not present evidence of specific instances of misconduct. The judge reasoned that evidence of specific instances was not necessary, because the counties presented evidence sufficient for a finding of liability, including aggregate evidence regarding the retailers’ opioid dispensing and evidence regarding their failure to adequately safeguard against diversion of prescription opioids as required by law. The counties are expected to seek over $1 billion each from the retailers in proceedings in the coming months. Read the full decision here.

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