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Mitigating the Incidence and Severity of Injuries and Other Harms

Dix v. Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.


Dix v. Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. (Court of Appeals of California, 2nd District, October 26, 2020): The California Court of Appeals held that an electronic music festival operator that assumes responsibility to provide security and medical care owes a duty of reasonable care to festival attendees. The parents of a deceased festival attendee alleged that Live Nation Entertainment was negligent after an attendee collapsed at one of its festivals due to illegal drug use and later died from Ecstasy-related dehydration. Live Nation argued that it did not owe the attendee a duty because the attendee voluntarily consumed illegal substances. The court found no justification to create a policy-based exception to the legal duty of ordinary care noting it is foreseeable that numerous festival attendees may suffer from dehydration, drug overdose, or physical exhaustion, which can cause death if not timely treated. Read the decision here.  

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