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Social Distancing Measures

Alliance for Children’s Rights v. Los Angeles Unified School District


Alliance for Children’s Rights v. Los Angeles Unified School District (Supreme Court of California, January 20, 2021): California’s Supreme Court refused to immediately force the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to provide instruction and other services in person to students allegedly harmed most via distance learning. After LAUSD temporarily suspended certain programs, learning and children’s rights groups sued, arguing that the shutdown violated legislation requiring public schools to offer classroom-based instruction whenever possible. In considering the request, the court ordered briefing on whether Governor Newsom’s “State Safe Schools for All” plan impacted the issues raised. The court ultimately denied the petition without an order, allowing LAUSD to continue its online instruction policies during the pandemic. Read the Petition for Extraordinary relief, including writ of mandate and request for immediate injunctive relief and Denial of petition for writ of mandate and application for stay here.

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