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Climate Change, Health Equity, and Public Health Law Learning and Practice Collaborative

Call for Applications to participate in the Network for Public Health Law’s Climate Learning and Practice Collaborative

Deadline: January 20, 2022

Estimated Time to Complete Application: 15-30 minutes

The Network for Public Health Law is accepting applications for the Climate Change, Health Equity, and Public Health Law Learning and Practice Collaborative (Climate LPC) – a learning and practice collaborative for partners interested in the intersection of climate change and health equity to discuss law and policy solutions to mitigate public health impacts from climate change, especially among those most affected.

The Network for Public Health Law promotes health and health equity through law and policy. We do this by providing legal technical assistance and training, creating legal resources, and facilitating connections and the exchange of ideas. Climate change is one urgent public health issue where the Network seeks to support the power of public health leaders, communities, community-based and nonprofit organizations, climate justice and climate equity groups, health equity leaders, policymakers, researchers and educators, health care providers, and attorneys or legal staff to make an impact. Through the climate LPC, participants will convene in a peer learning and practice collaborative to engage in collective problem solving, grow the field of public health related to climate change and health equity, and build the knowledge and capacity to drive strategies that address climate change. We recognize that racial health inequities extend across a range of areas affecting public health, including climate change and understand the importance of using an intersectional lens to understand why health disparities exist and to promote the health and well-being of under-resourced individuals and communities.

The Network will bring participants together monthly through virtual webinars and facilitated discussions on various topics crucial to climate change and public health law.

Webinars will be open to the public while facilitated discussions will only include climate LPC participants. Only those interested in attending webinars and facilitated discussions need to apply.

Desired Participant Characteristics 

  • Individuals currently working on or interested in mitigating or adapting to the impacts of climate change.
  • Applicants will have varying degrees of experience on climate action, but we are especially seeking those with an explicit dedication to equitably addressing climate issues in their field or who want to start applying an equity framework.
  • Applicants can include but are not limited to individuals working in public health departments, community groups, climate justice and climate equity groups, health equity, housing/water/energy groups, attorneys or legal staff, or foundations. 

Participant Responsibilities

Climate LPC participants will attend webinars and participate in monthly facilitated discussions. Applicants should expect to commit to regularly attending the webinars and facilitated discussions.

Submit applicationApplication opens December 13, 2021 and closes January 20, 2022.
Attend orientation webinarFebruary 2022
Participate in public health law curriculum and peer learning sessions.Monthly webinars or facilitated discussions beginning February 2022 through July 2022.
Attend the 2022 Climate and Health Summit (Recommended)The Climate Change and Health Equity Summit will take place on October 12-14, 2022 in Minneapolis, MN.

Send questions to: Madeline Kim