As the Principal and Managing Director of ChangeMatters, Amy has carved a niche as a respected adviser, advocate, and coach to a legion of social change leaders and organizations navigating the complexities of nonprofit turnarounds and transitions. Her strategic acumen and support have been pivotal in securing over $72 million in Federal, philanthropic, and donor funding, bolstering the missions of numerous social ventures. Under her guidance, ChangeMatters has grown into a core national team of seasoned consultants, specializing in program evaluation, fundraising, organizational development, and leadership coaching, all aimed at enhancing the impact and efficiency of social change entities. 

In her previous role as Vice President of Programs at Common Future, Amy was instrumental in strategizing network development, participatory grant making, and incubation services. She facilitated the creation of vibrant communities of practice, focusing on local economy leadership in the Black Belt South, entrepreneurship support in the Midwestern plains, and mission-aligned foundation investing both nationally and in the Philadelphia area. This work not only showcased her strategic foresight but also her ability to empower and coach a dynamic team towards achieving remarkable milestones in social entrepreneurship and economic equity. 

Amy’s also served as Social Enterprise Lecturer and Consultant-in-Residence at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, where she played a critical role in managing the Change the World student team consulting program, overseeing a diverse array of small business and social enterprise strategy and growth projects. Her innovative approach to education and mentorship is highlighted through the design and development of experiential courses for upper-level undergraduates, focusing on crucial skills such as workplace writing for social enterprise and consulting with nonprofits and small businesses.  

Amy’s career is a testament to her impact on the landscape of social change. Her visionary leadership, strategic insight, and compassionate mentorship have shaped the trajectory of countless organizations and individuals dedicated to creating a more equitable and sustainable world.