Archived Network Resources

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Farm Bill Provisions Fact Sheet

Provides a brief overview of selected provisions relevant to public health that are included in the Senate bill, the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act (S. 3240). After the House has passed a bill, the Network will prepare a similar fact sheet for the House bill.  

Public Health Professionals and the Farm Bill: How to Get Involved

Provides information about how  to get involved in the current Farm Bill reauthorization process.

Taking Public Health to Court

Decisions made by courts around the country regularly have important public health implications. This issue brief provides descriptions of several types of specialized “public health” courts. Also included are examples of judicial system interventions that have important public health implications. Particular note is made of evidence demonstrating public health effects of specialized courts or judicial interventions.

Residential Sprinkler Systems Issue Brief

Each year, there are more than 2500 deaths and 13,000 serious injuries in the U.S. due to house fires. Most people consider smoke detectors as the main solution to this problem, but a better approach is to use sprinklers to prevent the fire from becoming serious. This issue brief covers policy and litigation strategies for reducing residential fire injuries.

Paid Sick Leave Ordinances

Paid sick leave ordinances appear to be an effective way to prevent the spread of disease with little economic impact on businesses. This issue brief analyzes the legal, political and social feasibility of paid sick leave ordinances (includes ordinances from San Francisco, Washington D.C., Milwaukee, New York City, Seattle, Philadelphia and Denver).

New Hampshire Pharmacist Vaccination Law

Includes information on the scope of the law, requirements, trends and additional resources (focuses on New Hampshire’s laws, which may be similar in other states).

Cross-Border Agreement Fact Sheet

Provides information on cross-border public health agreements, initiatives and considerations including the Emergency Management Assistance Compact and its limitations, examples of cross-border public health activities and legal issues of cross-border agreements.

Children’s Dental Health in the U.S.

Illustrates whether each state meets the benchmarks set forth in the Pew Children’s Dental Campaign’s latest report, The State of Children’s Dental Health: Making Coverage Matter.

Missouri Car Safety Restraint Laws

Provides information on Missouri’s child safety restraint laws and seat belt laws, including the applicability of the law, exceptions, penalties for violating and links to additional resources (focuses on Missouri’s laws, which may have counterparts in other states.

Legal Interventions for Environmental Hazards Issue Brief

Provides local health officers and their attorneys information on drafting orders to protect the public from environmental hazards by identifying the elements for these orders (focuses on Michigan’s public health code, which likely has similar counterparts in all other states).

PPACA Public Health Provisions Issue Brief

Provides an overview of the public health provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

ACA and Substance Use Disorder Treatment Issue Brief

Analyzes the effect of the ACA on the availability and accessibility of substance use disorder treatment.

ACA and Nursing Mothers Issue Brief

This issue brief provides information on the background, requirements and enforcement of an ACA provision for nursing mothers.

State Rulemaking and Comments Fact Sheet

Focuses on the regulations component of the public health legal framework and provides information about the rulemaking process (focuses on Kentucky provisions, which likely have similar counterparts in all other states).

Boards of Health and Liability Issue Brief

Provides a general overview on the potential liability of boards of health, as well as some practices to avoid or limit liability (focuses on Kentucky provisions, which likely have similar counterparts in all other states).

State Attorneys General and the Public’s Health Fact Sheet

Provides an overview on how State Attorneys General might address public health issue.

Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners in North Carolina: Licensure, Duties and Responsibilities

Answers frequently asked questions regarding the duties and authority of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, including licensing requirements and professional activities (focuses on North Carolina provisions, which likely have similar counterparts in all other states).

New Requirements for Nonprofit Hospitals Provide Opportunities for Health Department Collaboration

Summarizes requirements for hospitals to obtain nonprofit status; the benefits of nonprofit status; new requirements for nonprofit status; and suggestions for health departments and hospitals to collaborate.

Legal Issues Faced by Public Health Agencies

Identifies some of the legal issues faced by stakeholders in light of Local Health Departments discussing sharing of services.

Closed PODS in Emergencies Issue Brief

Analyzes key legal issues concerning the role of private entities as Closed Points of Dispensing (Closed PODs) during non-declared and declared emergencies and public health emergencies.

Public PODs and Liability for Failure to Refer

Addresses potential liability for a failure to refer by a licensed health care provider or public entity operating a Point of Distribution (POD) during non-declared and declared emergencies.

Emergency Planning and Persons with Disabilities Legal Brief

Provides information on the facts, issues and rationales related to a court decision in California.

Model State Emergency Health Powers Act – Table of State Laws

Provides information on how the 50 states and the District of Columbia have each used key provisions of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act in their own statutory or regulatory provision.

Summary of Authority and Actions regarding Public Health Emergencies

Assists health officers and their attorneys by identifying potential actions in response to a public health emergency and linking to the applicable law (focuses on Michigan’s public health code, which likely has similar counterparts in all other states).

Volunteer Liability in Emergencies PowerPoint

Addresses liability risks and protections for volunteer health practitioners and entities during an emergency.