2016 Public Health Law Conference

Hundreds of local, tribal, state and federal officials, as well as public health practitioners, attorneys, policymakers and advocates turned out in Washington, D.C. to learn, share, connect and find solutions to improve the health of our communities. Presentation materials, as well as photos of the sessions, attendees and networking events are now available for viewing on the conference website.

Public Health and Policy Perspectives

Barriers to Addressing Diaper Need at the Federal Level

The inability to afford enough diapers for their children is a powerful source of stress for low income mothers, and is associated with the need for mental health treatment. Diaper need is thus a modifiable mental health risk factor for mothers, but most federal safety net programs do not address diaper need.

Death Records: Public Access and the Public’s Health

Collection of vital statistics has long been a key public health function, and cause of death information contained in death records is fundamental to public health practice. For instance, rates of infant and maternal mortality—obtainable from death records—reveal important details about access to care and racial or other disparities in health. But the collection of information may be hindered by state laws that restrict access to death records.

New Resource 

Maintenance and Disclosure of Certificates of Death by Indiana Local Health Departments

The recording and maintenance of vital records, including information pertaining to deaths within a jurisdiction, has long been a cornerstone responsibility of health departments. This issue brief examines Indiana local health department vital records practices, and the value of Certificates of Death as a public record and source of public health data.

Upcoming Webinars

Preventing Injury through Law and Policy: At Home, at School, at Play

Today’s webinar at 12:30 p.m. (ET), co-sponsored by the Network’s Eastern Region Office, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center and the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy, will provide up-to-date information about three different injury prevention issues — house fires, sports concussion, and anaphylaxis — and prevention strategies focusing on law and policy. There's still time to register to attend!

Electronic Health Information: State and Local Approaches to Data Sharing

Health information technology tools such as electronic health records (EHRs) capture clinical data that can be used at the point of care, shared among providers and public health to facilitate care coordination, and analyzed to support public health goals. Our October 20 webinar will focus on the importance of data sharing for public health purposes.

Ask the Experts

Vitamin K Shots for Newborns - State Statutes and Codes

Vitamin K shots are recommended for newborns to protect them from Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding, which can include life-threatening intracranial bleeding. A public health analyst recently contacted the Network for information about Oregon’s and other states’ statutes and codes addressing administration of vitamin K to newborns.

Career Opportunity

Faculty Member - Saint Louis University School of Law

Saint Louis University is seeking applicants for a tenure-track or tenured appointment in its School of Law, beginning fall 2017 in the field of health law. The appointment is at the level of Assistant, Associate or Professor of Law. The School of Law has 45 full-time faculty members and approximately 510 students.

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