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Peter Jacobson

Professor of Health Law & Policy

University of Michigan School of Public Health

1415 Washington Heights 
Ann Arbor, MI 48109


Areas of Expertise

  • Public Health Agency Structure, Organization & Accreditation

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  • Referrals
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Technical Assistance



Publications and Research


Peter D. Jacobson, J.D., M.P.H., is Professor of Health Law and Policy, and Director, Center for Law, Ethics, and Health, at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Currently, he teaches courses on health law and public health policy. Jacobson’s recent research includes projects on health departments’ strategic adaptations and public health entrepreneurship. He is the principal investigator for the Mid-States Region of the Network for Public Health Law, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program. Jacobson's most recent book is Law and the Health System (co-authored—Foundation Press, 2014). Previous books include work on tobacco control, breast cancer, and the role of the courts in shaping health policy. Jacobson is Associate Editor for Health Law and Public Health at the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, and is a member of the Board of Directors, Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc. From 2010-2012, Jacobson served as President of the Public Health Law Association. Currently, Jacobson is Chair, Local Board of Health, Washtenaw County (Michigan) Health Department.


  • Public Health Regulations: Changing the Culture of Health, One Misstep at a Time – Manhattan Institute. October 8, 2013. 
  • Trends in Health Law – Health Grand Rounds at Indiana University McKinney School of Law. March 27, 2013. 
  • The Future of Health Law – University of Pittsburgh School of Law  Symposium Honoring Nathan Hershey. October 11, 2012. 
  • Health Care Reform and Local Health Departments: Benefit or Burden?– California Conference of Local Health Officers. October 6, 2010.
  • Legal aspects of Public Health Preparedness – Saint Louis University School of Law Annual Health Law and Policy Symposium. March 5, 2010. 


  • Jacobson, P.D., Wasserman, J., Wu, H. & Lauer, J.R. (Forthcoming 2015). Public Health Entrepreneurship: Disruptive Change to Public Health? American Journal of Public Health.  


  • Principal Investigator, Developing Adaptive Strategies for Michigan’s Health Departments.  Funded by a grant from the Kresge Foundation, 2014-2015. 
  • Principal Investigator, Public Health Law Collaborating Center.  Funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Public Health Law Program, 2010-2015. 
  • Principal Investigator,Public Health Entrepreneurship. Funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health Care Financing and Organizations Program through AcademyHealth, 2009-2010. 
  • Principal Investigator, Assessing the Impact of Federal and State Law on Public Health Preparedness. Funded by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 
  • Principal Investigator, Measuring the Value of Public Health Services. Funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health Care Financing and Organizations Program through AcademyHealth.