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Western Region Hosting Public Health Law and Policy Partnership Conference and Workshop

posted on Mon, Oct 3 2011 11:03 am by Daniel Orenstein

The Western Region is pleased to announce that it is hosting its Public Health Law and Policy: A Partnership Conference and Workshop this week at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. This sold-out event brings together over 100 public health practitioners, policy-makers, advocates, attorneys, health care professionals, administrators and others across all 11 states in the Western Region (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington) to examine and discuss laws and policies that promote, protect, and improve the public’s health.

Invited guests and participants will be providing input on key public health law topics, building partnerships among colleagues across jurisdictions and learning about core areas of legal technical assistance capacity in the Western Region and the Network.

Attendees include state health commissioners and deputy commissioners; representatives from city, county, tribal and state health departments;  attorneys representing hospitals, health care providers, governments and health departments; public health practitioners and health care professionals; professors of law and other disciplines; and others interested in public health law, policy and practice.

The Agenda includes a series of Public Health Law Briefings, each of which will feature a short presentation on a timely and relevant issue of public health importance, including:

  • Emergency Legal Preparedness – Crisis Standards of Care

  • Emerging Legal Issues Initiative – Responding to a Changing Public Health Infrastructure

  • Practical Law for Public Health Officials

  •  Legal Support for Health Impact Assessments to Protect the Public’s Health

  • Chronic Disease Prevention & “Health in All Policies”: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

  • Medical Marijuana Laws and the Public’s Health.

Following the briefings, attendees will actively participate in lively moderated concurrent roundtable discussions with real-time technical assistance. Each of the public health law briefing topics will be represented, along with additional tables addressing:

  • Public Health Implications of National Health Care Reform

  • Vaccination Laws and Policies

  • HIV/AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention through Law

  • Tribal Public Health Laws and Policies

The event agenda and other information can be found on our conference website.

This information was prepared by Daniel Orenstein, deputy director for the Public Health Law Network – Western Region.

 The Network for Public Health Law provides information and technical assistance on issues related to public health. The legal information and assistance provided in this document does not constitute legal advice or legal representation. For legal advice, readers should consult a lawyer in their state.
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