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Policy Frameworks Supporting School-Based Dental Sealant Programs and Their Application in Minnesota

posted on Thu, Apr 11 2019 10:06 am by The Network for Public Health Law

Despite strong evidence of the effectiveness of school-based dental sealant programs, most states are not taking full advantage of this significant opportunity to improve children’s health. The Minnesota Department of Health Oral Health Program, with financial support from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), sought an analysis of laws and policies in Minnesota and throughout the United States that either facilitate or impede school-based dental sealant programs. This Issue Brief identifies innovative laws and policies for more widespread consideration, adoption and implementation at the state level. It suggests that a statewide, coordinated school-based dental sealant program may provide a policy framework for evidence-based, effective, and sustainable school-based dental sealant programs. Finally, it examines the current state of the law in one state, Minnesota.

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