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Resources, Tools, and Ordinances to Create Incentives for Bike Facilities

posted on Wed, Sep 27 2017 10:08 am by Network for Public Health Law

The Network was recently contacted by a policy analyst at a local health department inquiring about whether there were known best-practices (or resources) that focus on zoning ordinances and/or requirements or incentives for developers that encourage biking through the creation of bike lanes, the installation of bike racks and similar initiatives in new housing developments.

The Network did not find one set of consensus best practices to encourage inclusion of bike facilities in new housing developments. However, the Network provided the requester with links to several resources, evaluative tools and sample ordinances on biking and biking facilities.

General Resources


Certification Systems and Criteria Currently in Use*

It does not appear that any of these frameworks sets forth a consensus on best practices at present.


Sample Tools and Ordinances from Specific Jurisdictions


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