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Dental Auxiliary Scope of Practice Laws

posted on Fri, Nov 14 2014 12:41 pm by The Network for Public Health Law

For many communities across America, limited access to oral health services remains a persistent issue. While multiple strategies will be required to improve oral health, states can and should consider whether legal barriers unnecessarily hamper licensed dentists and allied dental providers from delivering more services to more patients.

The Network’s Dental Auxiliary Scope of Practice Fact Sheets for 50 states and the District of Columbia provide data on oral health in each state and describe the laws governing the respective services provided by members of the dental workforce. The fact sheets are intended to help public health practitioners, policymakers and others understand options to improve oral health in their community.

Click on a state to view fact sheet for that state.

The companion Access to Oral Health Care Science and Law Brief more fully explores policy options that public health professionals and community members might consider to expand access to care through allied dental providers. Together the Network intends for these documents to serve as a starting point for developing policies to improve oral health.