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Health Disparities

posted on Thu, Aug 1 2013 12:00 am by Mid-States Region

The Network recently received a request from a research center studying sexuality-related health disparities. The requester wanted information on how to use research information to develop an advocacy strategy that would effect legal change to benefit the health of LGBT youth.

The Network referred the requester to a number of resources that included tool kits, legal requirements and restrictions related to lobbying and advocacy, and pertinent articles on research and public policy.

The Network directed the requestor to a number of useful resources for advocates:

  • An article published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation titled, “Translating Research into Public Policy” lists four steps that researchers and policy advocates can take together to influence policy.
  • The Community Tool Box, a website that provides a vast wealth of information on community organizing, including a section on advocating for change.
  • A website created by the Alliance for Justice called Bolder Advocacy, which provides useful information about the legal requirements and restrictions around lobbying and advocacy, with special attention to the site’s section on tools for effective advocacy.
  • An organization called Movement Advancement Project, which provides LGBT organizations and advocates with tools and resources that make these groups more effective.
  • The American Psychological Association’s collection of resources for LGBT advocates.