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Reducing Drug Overdose Through Law

posted on Mon, Apr 1 2013 12:00 am by Southeastern Region

Recently the Network received a request from a health advocate in North Carolina who had questions on provisions of SB 20, a recently passed overdose prevention law. The law provides limited immunity to individuals seeking medical attention for drug overdose and reduces liability for individuals who administer naloxone, a drug which can reverse potentially fatal opioid overdose. The requester asked whether the law affects the ability of nurses to prescribe Naloxone.

The Network informed the requester that, while SB 20 reduces liability for individuals who administer naloxone, it does not change prescribing authority, meaning that registered nurses cannot prescribe naloxone, since they do not generally have prescribing authority. However, nurse practitioners can generally prescribe the drug. The requester was referred to a Network issue brief on for more detail.

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