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Table: Tort Liability

posted on Fri, Jun 1 2012 12:00 am by Mid-States Region

There are several laws that protect volunteers and employees from liability for negligence that may have resulted in harm to another person. The terms and application of the laws vary depending on a variety of factors from employment status to location. This issue brief summarizes the federal and Indiana laws protecting individuals from tort liability. Though the state laws in this document apply to Indiana, they likely have similar counterparts in other states.

Several laws protect individuals from liability for negligence that results in harm to another. Which laws apply depend on several factors, including:

  • Is the individual paid or an uncompensated volunteer?
  • For whom does the individual volunteer or work?
  • Is the individual a government employee or a volunteer?
  • Where (location) is the individual a volunteer or employee?
  • What kind of services is the individual providing?
  • What are the circumstances of the work or volunteering?
  • Has an emergency or disaster been declared?

This table shows laws that may apply to tort, depending on the factors set above.

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