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Marriage and Public Health

posted on Thu, Mar 1 2012 12:00 am by Eastern Region

The Network was contacted by the leader of a local nonprofit group who had questions regarding the impact of the marriage equality law recently passed in Maryland. The requestor was specifically curious what potential impact the law might have on communities of color, public health and poverty. The Network researched the issue and responded to the requestor with several resources that investigate economic and public health issues in LGBT communities and communities of color, including studies from the American Journal of Public Health, the Williams Institute, the Movement Advancement Project, the Family Equality Council, the Center for American Progress and Queers for Economic Justice. These studies suggested that laws supporting marriage equality can promote health and reduce poverty. These sources specifically pointed to the potential ability of such laws to mitigate some of the negative effects of disparities in economic resources, reduced access to health care services and societal stigma that are common issues for both LGBT communities and communities of color. Look for related Network resources coming soon that will investigate the impact of marriage equality and same-sex couples’ relationship recognition on state domestic violence laws.


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