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Maternal and Child Health Services

posted on Sat, Oct 1 2011 12:00 am by Western Region

A state official consulted with the Network in preparation for a public rulemaking hearing to determine the responsibilities of local public health agencies in the official’s state. The purpose of the two-year rulemaking process, which included a review of other states’ health regulations, was to define and establish “required public health services”.  A local public health agency expressed concern that the proposed rules did not address maternal and child health services as a stand-alone core service, but rather included maternal-child services under other categories of services. The state official  sought guidance from the Network  regarding how other states’ regulations address  maternal and child health services. 

The Network performed an analysis of laws in states that had similar decentralized public health governance structures. The Network was able to identify several states with relevant provisions. In its response to the official, the Network included specific regulatory language from these comparison states relating to provision of maternal and child health services, links to more information on each regulation and a summary of the research process. The requesting official received the Network’s complete response within a week, allowing adequate time for review prior to the hearing.

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