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The Public Health Law Center provides a host of resources, including fact sheets, toolkits, and legal updates related to tobacco control. 

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From the Public Health Law Blog

Michigan Becomes First State to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes

In response to a recent outbreak of e-cigarette associated respiratory illnesses, Michigan’s Chief Medical Officer has declared a public health emergency and the Governor has issued emergency rules banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. The ban is effective immediately, although businesses have 30 days to comply. The ban will last for six months and can be renewed for another six months.

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From the Legal Assistance Library

Collective Bargaining Rights and Smoke-Free Workplace Laws

The Network received a request from a public health advocate who was concerned about the impact of a state ballot proposal on current smoke-free workplace laws.

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Primary Legal Issues

Tobacco control continues to involve issues related to smoke-free policies, taxation, sales and marketing, product regulation, enforcement, youth access and workplace policies. In addition, federal, state and local laws continue to interact in ways that affect the development, enactment and implementation of tobacco-control policies.

Technical Assistance Capacity

An organization in the Network, the Public Health Law Center, collaborates with local, state and national partners to help improve the nation’s tobacco control policies. This work includes providing technical assistance on all of the tobacco issues listed above, from smoke-free policies to product regulation.

The Network can provide legal technical assistance in many ways, including responding to individual requests from public health professionals, attorneys, policy-makers, state and community coalitions and others grappling with the issues above. Technical assistance includes litigation support to city and county attorneys, state attorneys general and legal counsel representing advocacy organizations, and individual citizens defending smoke-free laws and other critical tobacco-control policies. The Network is also well-equipped to prepare friend-of-the-court legal briefs, often alongside the nation’s leading health organizations, for key appellate cases. Finally, technical assistance also includes the development of model policies, cutting-edge policy research and work to anticipate emerging legal issues with the potential to affect public health practice. The Network also offers access to a wealth of publications and educational materials and opportunities for regular training at conferences, via webinars and through other venues.

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