All Resources for Cross-Border Public Health

Report: Legal Completeness and Effectiveness in Cross-Jurisdictional Shared Service Agreements in Wisconsin

A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin—Madison School of Nursing, with legal research support from Network attorneys, analyzed cross-jurisdictional sharing and shared service agreements between local public health departments in the state of Wisconsin. The goal of the project was to explore shared service agreements as a strategy for increasing capacity to provide local public health services. This report shares findings from the analysis and offers best practices for other jurisdictions considering shared service agreements.

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Resource: Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreements Map

To reduce costs and meet increased demand for services, many local health departments (LHDs) are exploring innovative ways to improve efficiency by partnering with other LHDs, agencies and entities. This 50-state resource examines the interlocal agreements that permit LHDs to collaborate with other entities to provide health and other services.

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Fact Sheet: Cross-Border Agreements - Emergency Management Assistance Compac

Fact sheet on cross-border public health agreements, initiatives and considerations including the Emergency Management Assistance Compact and its limitations, examples of cross-border public health activities and legal issues of cross-border agreements.

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