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Eastern Region

Located at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, the Mid-States Region leads the legal technical assistance and research efforts for the Network for Public Health Law on:
»     Health Information Data Sharing
»     Public Health Statutes and Regulatory Information

Though the Mid-States Region takes the lead on these topics, please contact your region for legal technical assistance and support on any of the public health law topics. Your region will connect you with the appropriate expert based on your request.

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Mid-States Region Office

The Network is organized into regions. Each region is dedicated to providing an area of the United States with public health law technical assistance and support on a wide range of topics. The Network for Public Health Law – Mid-States Region serves individuals and organizations within:
»     Illinois
»     Indiana
»     Kansas
»     Kentucky
»     Michigan
»     Missouri
»     Nebraska
»     Ohio
»     Pennsylvania

Primary Legal Issues

[Additional copy goes here. This paragraph is placeholder copy.] State and local public health agencies, boards of health and other stakeholders often need legal assistance to address numerous legal and policy questions regarding changing organizational structures. They also need a strong legal and policy foundation to support participation in accreditation programs. Examples of health agency structure and accreditation questions:

How we can help

Legal Research and Assistance

Experienced legal experts are available to answer questions and provide research, analysis and guidance. Let us know what you’re working on and together we can figure out how we can help.

Legal Assistance Library

Explore the Network’s Legal Assistance Library to find answers to commonly asked questions on a variety of public health topics.