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Public Health Law and Policy Perspectives

Threats to ACA Protections for Victims of Black Lung Disease

According to a recent CDC report, rates of advanced cases of black lung disease (pneumoconiosis) caused by exposure to silica and other substances released during mining are rising to unprecedented levels. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes several protections for miners facing black lung disease; however, these protections and benefits may be under threat as lawmakers consider changes to the ACA.

New Resource

Issue Brief: New Federal Paradigm in Marijuana Legalization

The results of the 2016 General Election raise questions as to whether a new federal/state legal relationship concerning marijuana legalization is forthcoming. Twenty-eight states now allow residents to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, and eight states legally authorize and regulate recreational marijuana programs. This Issue Brief reviews the current federal legal framework regarding marijuana control and explores possible options for federal, state and local governments in the near future.


TODAY at 1 p.m. ET - Transportation as a Social Determinant of Health

This webinar will discuss how transportation policy, and accompanying legislative interventions, can impact public health. Speakers will discuss transportation as a social determinant of health, how public transportation and infrastructure impact health outcomes related to physical health, and trends in using transportation law to address public health issues.  

Ask a Network Attorney

Buprenorphine Prescribing Limitations for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Buprenorphine is a medication often used to reduce withdrawal symptoms in people addicted to heroin or other opioids. A requestor from Washington State recently asked the Network for information on the conditions under which Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants can prescribe Buprenorphine.

Career Opportunities

CDC Fall 2017 Externships in Public Health Law

These internships and externships with the CDC’s Public Health Law Program (PHLP) create formalized entry-level experience for rising and current third-year law students interested in exploring careers in public health law. They consist of 9–14 weeks of professional work experience with PHLP in Atlanta, Georgia. Deadline for applications is April 30, 2017.

Worth Sharing

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

The 2017 County Health Rankings provide a revealing picture of the overall health of nearly every county in the nation, measuring vital health factors such as high school graduation rates, obesity, smoking, unemployment, access to healthy foods, air quality and more. These annual Rankings offer a snapshot of how health is influenced by where we live, learn, work and play, and provide a starting point for communities to move from education to action.