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Raw Milk: Camels, the FDA and State Deregulation

The movement to legalize the intrastate sale of raw milk continues despite warnings from the FDA and CDC that its consumption is a health risk, and federal law that prohibits the sale or transportation of raw milk in interstate commerce. In the first month of 2017, legislators in five states have introduced raw milk legislation to allow or expand its sale within their borders.

Public Health and the Courts: Is there a Fundamental Right to a Stable Climate System?

Frustrated by what they perceive as insufficient federal legislative and executive efforts to address climate change, a group of young plaintiffs and other activists in Oregon have filed suit against the federal government, citing a wide variety of health-related harms they have suffered because of the government’s inability to reduce carbon emissions.


Education as a Social Determinant of Health: The Role of Laws and Policies

Schools are a key part of the physical and social environment in every community. Because of the critical role that education plays as a social determinant of health, public health practitioners, policymakers, and their partners across the health system need to have a solid understanding of the relationship between education and health in order to develop effective policies and allocate resources to maximize improvements across both sectors. This webinar, co-sponsored by the Network and the CDC’s Public Health Law Program, will explore how the law can address education as a social determinant of health. The webinar takes place Thursday, February 23 at 1 p.m. E.T.

Ask a Network Attorney

Regulation of Pain Clinics

A requester recently contacted the Network for information about effective state approaches for the regulation of pain clinics. These facilities have been implicated in the proliferation of both prescription opioid and heroin overdose deaths. States have primary responsibility for regulating prescription drug practice and pain clinics. The Network provided the requester with resources outlining different aspects of pain clinic laws along with several studies on the efficacy of various state laws and policies.

Worth Sharing

ACA’s Repeal, Replace and Repair

Although the Trump administration has promised to move quickly to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), dropping undesirable aspects of the ACA while keeping popular provisions is complicated. Network Western Region Director James G. Hodge, Jr., discusses forthcoming “repeal and replace” strategies regarding the Affordable Care Act.


FDA Tobacco Regulatory Science Fellowship

The FDA Tobacco Regulatory Science Fellowship offers mid-career professionals the chance to take part in the tobacco regulatory process. This one-year, paid fellowship closes for applications on March 1.

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