2016 Public Health Law Conference

Lead, Connect, Innovate: Strategies for Achieving Health Equity

Pressing issues like the prescription drug epidemic, which claims 44 lives each day from overdose, call for legal interventions. Long term strategies that look at how factors such as access to care, education, housing, environment and income impact health outcomes must consider the role of law in bringing about systemic change. And, because public health efforts are most effective when supported by laws, equipping practitioners and policymakers with the understanding of how law can empower public health is essential. Join the Network and 700 public health experts, practitioners, lawyers, policymakers and advocates in Washington, D.C., September 15 – 17 for the only national conference on public health law and policy. Register now and save.

Public Health Law and Policy Perspectives

The rules of evidence: A court’s decision on vaccinations

Courts have typically garnered public attention when confronted with legal issues associated with vaccine policy, such as constitutional challenges to mandatory vaccination. Distinctly different issues arise, however, when a child’s parents argue with each other – rather than with the state – about whether or not to vaccinate their child. In these cases courts must evaluate the best interests of the child rather than determine the reach and limits of the law.


Public Health Lawyer Directory

This online directory helps those in the public health community connect with lawyers who can provide legal technical assistance and other services. Users can search on a health topic and get a list of legal experts who can help them with legal or policy questions. The Directory contains attorneys from the Network, the CDC Public Health Law Program, the Public Health Law Center, Public Health Law Research, ChangeLab Solutions, ASTHO and NACCHO, as well as a number of city and state health departments.                                                                                              


Pursuing Health Equity: Promising Practices in Policy and Law

Legal approaches and tools are increasingly becoming a means for maximizing health equity. This webinar will focus on promising practices, based in law, to address health equity issues through drug abuse treatment and overdose prevention, Medical-Legal Partnerships, and interventions in domestic violence and homelessness. The webinar takes place at 1pm ET today, so register now!

Ask the Experts

Legal authority of governments to abate public health nuisances

The Network was recently contacted by a public health official in Arizona about the legal authority  that state (or local) government has to abate public health nuisances, specifically related to potential breeding sites for disease-carrying mosquitoes. In Arizona, health authorities can order the removal or destruction of a public health nuisance in two primary ways, and specific abatement powers and processes may be altered pursuant to formal declarations of emergency or public health emergency.


Gun Violence, Mental Illness, and Laws that Prohibit Gun Possession: Evidence from Two Florida Counties

A recently published article in Health Affairs examines gun-related suicide and violent crime rates in people with serious mental illnesses and whether legal restrictions on firearm sales to people with a history of mental health adjudication are effective in preventing gun violence. The study was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Public Health Law Research program. 

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