Lawyer Detail

Shannon O'Fallon

Senior Assistant Attorney General

Oregon Department of Justice

1515 SW 5th Ave., Ste. 410
Portland, OR 97201


Areas of Expertise

  • Medical & Recreational Marijuana Regulation
  • State Emergency Response Authority

Available For

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Technical Assistance



Publications and Research

Shannon O’Fallon, J.D., is a Senior Assistant Attorney General with the Oregon Department of Justice and graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law in 1993. After law school Ms. O'Fallon moved to Alaska and worked for the Alaska Attorney General's Office for over seven years, representing both human services and natural resources agencies. She has been with the Oregon Department of Justice since April, 2002, and has advised the Public Health Division since 2004. Ms. O'Fallon advises such programs as: Health Security Preparedness and Response, Health Care Licensure, Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems, the Center for Health Statistics, Medical Marijuana, Death with Dignity, and Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention.


Marijuana 101 – Oregon Attorney General's Public Law Conference, October 2015.

Oregon Marijuana Laws – National Association of Administrative Law Judges Conference, October 2015

Sharing information with Law Enforcement – Oregon joint law enforcement/public health forensic epi workshop, 2015.

Control of Disease, Emergency Authority, Volunteer Protection – Oregon CDC Public Health Emergency Law Training, July 2015

HIPAA – Oregon Department of Justice CLE, January 2015


The Oregon Isolation and Quarantine Bench Book, 2011


Oregon Isolation and Quarantine Manual for State and Local Public Health Authorities, 2011.