Issuing a COVID-19 Press Release That Identifies a Specific Location

GuidanceHealth Data Sharing and Privacy

August 14, 2020
by Peter D. Jacobson

A county health department seeks guidance on whether the department can issue a press release indicating that individuals who attended a party on a specific date at a specific address may have been exposed to COVID-19. As explained in detail below, there are no legal barriers to issuing the proposed press release. Instead, this is a policy question within the health department’s discretion.

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Data Governance Strategies for States and Tribal Nations

Fact SheetHealth Information and Data SharingTribal Health

September 10, 2020
by Sallie Milam

The health and wellness of tribal nations depend on effective data collection and analysis. Despite being sovereign nations, tribes need help from the states in gathering the data needed to improve tribal health and well-being, but a lack of trust has interfered with data sharing arrangements. The keys to establishing and maintaining trust are respecting tribal data sovereignty and honoring the United States’ trust responsibility to tribal nations. This fact sheet focuses on strategies states should take to support indigenous data sovereignty.   

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