Systemic Racism and Policing: How Can Public Health Advocates Grapple with the Dual Challenges of Systemic Racism and Discriminatory Policing?

Issue BriefMechanisms for Advancing Public Health

July 30, 2020
by April Shaw

Following the killing of George Floyd, localities have increasingly declared racism to be a public health emergency or crisis. Despite growing recognition of the fact that racism is a key contributor to poor health in communities of color, there is still insufficient attention to the role of policing and systemic racism as institutions that have powerful impacts on the health and well-being of people of color. This issue brief provides an assessment of how structural racism and policing function as critical social determinants of health for Black people and people of color generally.

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Racial Residential Segregation and Health Justice: Public Health Impacts of Housing Policies in the United States

VideoHealthy and Affordable HousingNeighborhood and Built Environment

June 4, 2020
by Charles Truong

Public health, legal and housing experts -- including Dr. Sandro Galea, professor and dean at the Boston University School of Public Health – share their insights on housing inequities and the racist laws and policies that enabled segregation and steered resources away from poor neighborhoods – and how these factors contribute today to poor health outcomes for people of color. To effectively tackle health justice issues, it’s necessary to trace disparities back to their root causes, where racism serves as the epicenter.

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