In his role Program Development Associate, Daniel Wacker works in data management and evaluation, invoice tracking and processing, contract management, and helps coordinate activities to support our National Advisory Board.  Additionally, he plays an integral part in the planning and production of conferences and summits. Daniel is a graduate of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, with a BA in Health Services Management, while minoring in public health.  He has worked with a large nonprofit supporting fund development and external relations, and more recently for a large healthcare system providing customer data support. His areas of interest include health literacy, maternal and child health, and food insecurity issues.

Articles & Resources

Six Policies That Advance Mental Health

Policy BriefMental Health and Well-BeingMechanisms for Advancing Public HealthMechanisms for Advancing Health Equity

June 3, 2024
by Amy Lieberman, April Shaw, Ashleigh Dennis, Daniel Wacker, Darlene Huang Briggs, Emma Kaeser, Jill Krueger, Joanna S. Suder and Susan Fleurant

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Network attorneys and staff have identified six key policies with the potential to significantly improve mental health outcomes across the United States. This policy brief covers a wide range of areas focused on communities and those who work to support communities. It is designed as a practical resource for public health professionals, leaders, and partners, offering strategies to enhance mental health and well-being while reducing disparities in mental health care.

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